For Lauryn

Hey Good People,

As I was people watching on FB, I found this great GEM on a friend’s page. (Thanks Amina!)  It is video of Lauryn Hill speaking at the Academy of Achievement in 2000.  When I watched this video, it confirms why I and so many others loved her at that time.   In this video she is vibrant, bright, fresh and so hopeful which is so different to today’s Lauryn Hill (and most artists for that fact). She also represented so many things…intellect, female empowerment, spirituality, black beauty, creativity, and so much more.  She also represented the promise of youth.  The hope, fearlessness, innocence and optimism we all have had about the future.  On a side note, it made me think about how can you guard your spirit so that you don’t lose your fire, your passion.  Life is going to happen.  So how do you deal with it so it doesn’t make you bitter, jaded, distant or cynical?  Instead, life makes you wiser, stronger and better.

We will probably never know the inside story of Lauryn Hill.  And that’s fine.  Everyone has a right to privacy.  And I only can imagine how difficult it is to go through growing pains under a microscope.   Lauryn however did what see thought was in the best interests of her children, her marriage and for herself.  She sings in “To Zion” about the pressure to choose between her career and having a child.  This is real for so many women.  Instead of pouring into us, she decided to pour into her family.  And  you have to respect that.  Maybe many of our families would be stronger if we made the choice to put them first instead of the job, the money, etc.  Instead, we pouted and complained that she was leaving us for her family. *smh* 

Now being a fan, I understood how hard it was to let go (some folks still haven’t!) because we saw authentic and unassuming GREATNESS in her.   Which is why it is even harder for us to see recent sub par performances and lack of professionalism.  However, if Lauryn ever makes a full comeback with strong vocals and a tight stage performance, I will be the first in line to purchase a ticket.  I believe in redemption.  In the meantime,  remember we witnessed greatness.  Let’s cherish that experience and draw inspiration from it.  She changed the world for the little while that we had her.  So for that I am grateful.

Happy Monday! 🙂

Lauryn Hill at the Academy of Achievement 


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I LOVE Lauryn Hill and this video was so on point! It spoke to me in so many ways, I may share it on my blog as well. Thank you, thank you for sharing this!

  2. The feeling is mutual. As soon as I watched this video, it spoke to me. You truly see her brillance. Instead of lamenting, we can celebrate her for inspiring a generation and changing the landscape of hip hop and the world.

  3. Lauryn has been giving nothing but great performances. Her arrangements, though new, are inspired and wonderful. She sings within an inch of her life. What changed about her is she wised up, that’s all. It isn’t a lack of professionalism if she never posted a start time to her concerts. It’s the venues that control that. Now that that’s been cleared up. Go back and observe her with a clear mind.

  4. I agree, she did wise up which is why I commend her for leaving it all behind for something far more greater. I support that. I am glad to hear that her recent performances are on point. Most people are rooting for her and want her to shine. And believe me, everyone is observing. And if she is bringing it, I will let everyone know she is doing a great job. Thanks for the status update.

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