Music Monday: Vikter Duplaix

Hey Good People,

Check out this lovely mix from Vikter Duplaix

Download for FREE here.

If you haven’t been checking out Master of the Mix, you really are missing it.  Sponsored by Smirnoff, Master of The Mix spotlights the hottest profession around: The DJ. In eight episodes, host Just Blaze and Head Judge Kid Capri will test the industry’s best DJs on their ability to match rhythms, select the perfect tracks and most importantly, to keep the crowd pleased. In the end, only one DJ will be left standing.

I am loving Vikter’s confidence to win this competition.  He is making me a fan all over again.  I’ve been pulling out all his previous stuff.  He is my favorite with DJ Rich Medina coming in second.  Medina will be at the U Street Music Hall this Wednesday, Decemeber 1.

The show airs every Wednesday on Centric at 10:30PM and every Saturday on BET at 12:00AM. 

You can also watch it with your fellow music lovers and local DJs.  Lil SoSo Productions has been hosting viewing parties each week.  This Wednesday, December1, the viewing will be at Bar 7.  Check them out.

Happy Monday! 🙂

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