Freedom Friday: The Random Act of Kindness Edition

Hey Good People!

This has been an interesting couple of days. I had to go out-of-town to attend a workshop for my job.  I was supposed to stay a couple of extra days afterwards to meet up with my sister to hang out. However our plans fell through, so I decided to change my flight to return home.  So as I headed to the security gate, the TSA employee informs me that I can not head back to my gate.  I was confused, so I said “Why not?”   He replied, this isn’t the airport of departure listed on your boarding pass.  I look down at my boarding pass, and sure enough, I had inadvertently chosen the wrong airport for departure. *DEAD* So, I immediately headed to the ticket counter and the employee at the ticket counter tells me that all flights leaving for Washington, D.C. were gone for the day.  To book the next flight to D.C. tomorrow morning, I had to pay an extra $243.  I asked if she could get me on a flight with another airline, and she stated they didn’t share flight information with other airlines.  So right now, I am ticked because I didn’t want to spend extra money I really didn’t have to spend.  So I left the ticket counter to get my thoughts and my plan together.  I decided to call the airlines instead of dealing with them in-person.  And guess what?  They changed the flight for me with no extra charge! Why couldn’t they just do this at the ticket counter?  So for future reference ya’ll, call the airlines to make flight changes for little to no cost.  So now, I have to figure out where am I going to stay for the evening.

So I sit down in the food court to re-group. I called my girlfriend because she has family in the area.  I am thinking I could get a bed for the night with her people.  So as I am sitting there lamenting to my girlfriend, she says let me call you back to see if I can get a hold of someone you can stay with for the evening.  I get off the phone, and this woman who was sitting nearby said, I overheard your conversation (I was talking loud.  *blushes* I sort of do that when I am excited or upset) and I am in the same situation.  She explained that she travels on a regular basis for work.  She missed her flight, and the airline proceeded to cancel her entire trip.  She also was trying to find a place to stay for the evening.  She wasn’t sure if she could get her job to pay for the flight and hotel since it was her fault that she missed her flight. I told her I felt her pain.  She gathered up her things and we wished each other luck.

My girlfriend called me back and she wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone, so I am thinking I might be at the airport for the evening.  Suddenly, the woman who was sitting next to me reappears. She said her job would pay for her flight and hotel, so she was wondering if I wanted to share a room?  I asked her how much I would need to pay to share the room.  She said since the job was paying for everything, there was no need to pay.  She said she decided to offer her room because I  seemed to be a nice person and pretty normal. (However, I am sitting there thinking the question is are YOU normal? ) I said yes I am normal and you seem normal too.  So she’s said I need to get something to eat.  I told her I would watch her luggage while she gets something.  As soon as she left, I called my girlfriend to tell her the breaking news and to get her take.  She said well how do you feel?  Are you picking anything up from her?  I said no, she seems cool, but that’s how you can go wrong.  I told my girlfriend I am going to feel her out some more and I would text her all pertinent information if I decided to stay with her.

While the woman was away, I was sitting there thinking maybe this is a set-up.  I could get to the hotel and it’s a prostitution ring.  Or she could rob me while I am asleep?  *SMH* All types of thoughts were running through my head.  She returns from eating, and I leave to pick up a sandwich while she watched my luggage.  I returned with my sandwich and we began to talk.  I had to fill her out before I actually decided to stay with her that evening.  She was from Texas, attended LongHorn (University of Texas), traveled for her job, was in marketing, dating a new guy, etc. She was cool!  So we left the airport to be temporary roommates for the evening.

We arrived at the hotel, and get settled.  We decided to hit the hotel happy hour.  We sat at the bar to receive our complimentary drinks, and we talked about life.  I told her about my trip to Europe and my love of Air France, Paris and London.  We talked about jobs, men, relationships, how to be treated as women, etc.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the room to go to bed.  As we get ready to go to sleep, we became Facebook friends and I thanked her for her kindness.  She said God sometimes has a way of working things out.  You must have done something nice for someone so this is why this is happening. Besides, I really enjoyed your company this evening.  🙂

This experience was mind-blowing to me.  How may of us would have offered this type of assistance to a COMPLETE STRANGER? I mean, I have helped strangers before, but only in convenient and non-threatening ways such as tutoring youth, visiting the elderly or donating money.  These are great things, but how about helping when it’s not so convenient.  The woman who helped me could have easily said I do not want to be bothered after a long night. Instead, she offered her resources to help me out.   It really reaffirmed my faith in humanity. Her kindness helped me to overcome my fear and lack of trust to be willing to accept the blessing.  I do not condone going off with complete, random strangers, but I do recommend listening to your gut, third eye, holy spirit, intuition, what ever you want to call it in order to avoid trouble or to be able to receive the blessing. Peace and Blessings to you Lacey!

Here are the “ThatKellieGirl” approved events!  Enjoy the weekend. 🙂


The “Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents the Tastemakers Series” with Soul Controller, DJ Stylus is tonight. Every Friday for two months, some of the best DJ’s in DC, NYC & Philly (a different DJ every week) will premiere an entire night of whatever they think is the hottest new floor bangers.

Friday, September 17

Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club

1103 Bladensburg Rd NE



DC’s only party dedicated to Hip Hop music & culture returns to the Black Cat this Friday (and every 3rd Friday of the month). Pull out your dopest throwback Hip Hop gear and come out and celebrate the golden era of Hip Hop. Special guest DJ Scotty Rock from the World Famous Butta Team will join DJ Dredd.

Friday, September 17

Black Cat

9PM to 2AM

Cover: 7 bucks


Come out to the Annual H St Festival tomorrow.  There will be 3 stages with entertainment as well as artist showcases, vendors, kids area, green streets exhibits, and more!

Saturday, September 18

H Street Festival

354 H St NE

Noon to 7PM


Washington National Opera Presents: Target Free Opera in the Outfield this weekend at National Stadium.  The featured opera is Giuseppe Verdi’s A Masked Ball (Un Ballo in Maschera).  Arrive early to get a spot on the outfield. Guests who plan to sit in the outfield grass may bring blankets to sit on. Chairs are not permitted on the grass.

Sunday, September 19th

National’s Stadium

1500 South Capital South, SE

2PM (Gates open at noon)



For 13 years, the Black LUV Festival has been going on.  Come out for information booths, a diverse line up of entertainment, get your children involved in fun arts & crafts and of course, spend time with family and friends while indulging in an array of foods from around the globe.  All in the name of Black LUV!

Sunday, September 19

4th & Pennsylvania Ave NW

Noon to 6:30PM



On the heels of his recent release, Bilal will be in concert at the Birchmere.  All I can say is that his live performances have never disappointed me.  The record does not do his powerful voice justice.

Sunday, September 19


3701 Mt. Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA 22305


Cover: $32.50

Click here to purchase tickets.


Don’t forget, CBC ALC 2010 is this weekend.  Check out their schedule and events here.

September 15-18

Throughout DC


  1. Wow! What a wonderful experience! I had a similar situation once….I was stranded in an airport due to a winter storm. I began chatting with another stranded passenger. We shared snacks & stories. Then we picked up our bags & scouted out a safe place in the airport to sleep. We found a quiet room, rigged the door so nobody could come in undetected! We slept in peace, woke up in the morning

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