First Listen…

Hey Good People!

If you want to check out Bilal’s upcoming release before you buy, NPR has the whole album for you.  Click here to listen.

The Strong Songs:

“Restart”– Has a “Prince” feel to me

“All Matter”–Loving this rendition, but the collaboration with Robert Glasper is still my favorite! 🙂

“Little One” & “Who Are You”–Great Lyrics

“Think It Over”– Endearing, Charming; Has a throw-back feel to it

He also incorporates powerful moral tales in several of his songs, in particular “Flying” and “The Dollar”.  I can appreciate the experimentation, but he still keeps it soulful. 

Click here for the BBC’s review.

Listen for yourself and tell me what you think!

One comment

  1. You are the best! thanks for promoting Arts on Foot. On Saturday, Sept 11, Curtis Woody is exhibiting his thoughtful mixed media, “Underground Railroad” paintings.
    then on Sunday, he will be at the Adams Morgan Festival. Check out the talent and the inspiration!
    J. Woody

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