Need a Resume Makeover to Get Your Foot in the Door?

We all know that in the state of this economy the job market is tough.   However, if you desire a fighting chance to get that interview, check out MJF Business Resumes Services.

MJF Resumes is a Business & Professional Resume Consulting Service that provides resume, job search strategy, and interview preparation consulting services.

To date, MJF Resumes has prepared resumes for clients in Business (Marketing, Banking, Project Management, Accounting/ Finance, Consulting, etc), Fundraising, Education, Child Care, Information Systems/ IT, Healthcare, Psychology, Law, Nonprofit, Retail, Franchise, Sales, Graphic Design, and Television.
MJF Resumes also knows that tailoring our services to your particular career stage is important. They offer specialized resume services for the following stages:
-Entry Level

In times like these, it is of the utmost importance to have a great resume that will at least give you an opportunity to get your foot in the door with an interview.   MJF Resumes has achieved a 100% customer satisfaction for its customers.  MJF Resumes want to do the same for you too!

Click here if you are ready to open the door.  Tell MJF Resumes that ThatKellieGirl sent you and receive a 10% discount on services! 🙂

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