Another Great Weekend…

I must admit, I love the weekends!  Now don’t get me wrong, I live each day to the fullest.  Yet, it is so great when I have two days without 8 hours taken out of my schedule.  So, I really take advantage of the uninterrupted time and craft a fun-filled weekend.

So beginning on Friday night, I saw the Robert Glasper Experiment perform at Bohemian Caverns.  All I can say is “amazing.” If you are ever blessed with the opportunity to see these brothers perform, please do so.  The Robert Glasper Experiment consists of Robert Glasper (piano), Casey Benjamin (saxophone &  vocorder), Derrick Hodge (bass) and Chris Dave (drums).  Each of these gentlemen were superb in their own right.  As I watched them, I actually felt blessed to witness brilliance.  Each of them played with passion, creativity and skill that truly inspired me.  To see these artists be so dedicated to their craft only motivated me to do the same with my passions.

And I was elated when they played the GRAMMY nominated “All Matters”.  I thought I would only hear the instrumental version, but was pleasantly surprised when Casey Benjamin stepped in for Bilal on the vocorder.  Speaking of Casey Benjamin, this brother is B-A-D on the vocorder and the saxophone.  I will be on the look-out for this brother on other projects.

Casey Benjamin Courtesy of c. thomas huisman

After covering Floetry’s “Say Yes” to J. Dilla to Radiohead, the audience didn’t want the evening to end.  The groups seems to be touring right now, so you can check their schedule here.  Now next on the concert schedule is Janelle Monae.  Yes!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday. 🙂 Go check out the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

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