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afrikafe, TransAfrica Forum & AFI Present:

New African Films Festival from March 11th to  March 15th

afrikafe and its partners are proud to host the sixth annual New African Films Festival featuring the vibrancy of African filmmaking from all corners of the continent.

OPENING NIGHT screening of NO TIME TO DIE; Thursday, March 11, 7 PM; Saturday, March 13, 7:30 PM

Death and funeral traditions play a significant role in African culture; this film is director King Ampaw’s contribution to passing those traditions on to the next generation. A hearse driver meets and falls in love with a young, beautiful dancer who is planning an elaborate celebration for her mother. This comedic light-hearted love story follows the hearse driver as he does everything he can to win her heart- and her father’s approval. (Note courtesy African Diaspora Film Festival) DIR /SCR King Ampaw; SCR Klaus Badekerl; PROD Wolfgang Panzer. Ghana/Germany, 2006, color, 95 min. In English. NOT RATED.

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH; Thursday, March 11, 9:30 PM; Saturday, March 13, 9:30 PM

A gripping investigation into the complex dynamic between those blacks who remained in South Africa and risked their lives to lead the struggle against apartheid and those who returned victoriously after living in exile. In New Brighton, South Africa, 63-year-old librarian Sipho Makhaya prepares for the return of the ashes of his brother Themba, recently deceased while in exile in London after gaining a reputation as a hero of the anti-apartheid movement. Internationally recognized, multiple award-winning actor John Kani is the lead actor in this film version of the internationally acclaimed award-winning play Nothing But the Truth which he also authored. DIR/SCR John Kani; PROD Richard Green. South Africa, 2008, color, 118 min. In English and French with English subtitles. NOT RATED.

SEX, OKRA & SALTED BUTTER; Friday, March 12, 7 PM; Sunday, March 14, 5 PM

Mahamat Saleh Haroun reveals an incredible sense of humor in this comedy that takes a serious shot at black life in Paris from several angles. Hortense is a 40-year-old nurse originally from Cameroon. Her extramarital affair leads to a separation from her very traditional African husband, Malik, who is in for a ride as he learns more about Hortense’s love affair, his eldest son’s secret love life, and the responsibilities of a single parent raising two black kids in Paris. Many of Haroun’s signature preoccupations are in full flower –absent parents, revenge versus reconciliation– all seen through a lucid visual style that gives this sharp-edged comedy of manners plenty of space to breathe on screen. (Note courtesy New York African Film Festival). DIR/PROD Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. Chad/France, 2008, color, 80 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED.

GLORIOUS EXIT; Friday, March 12, 9 PM; Sunday, March 14, 7:15 PM

In this documentary, Jarreth Merz, a Swiss-Nigerian actor living in Los Angeles, is catapulted into a leadership role in a complicated situation. He is the eldest son of a Nigerian chieftan and a Swiss mother, returning to Africa to assume the responsibilities of organizing traditional funeral rites and feasts. According to Nigerian tradition, the first-born is in charge of a father’s burial, but who is this father? Although Jarreth accepts the responsibility, he struggles with why he feels morally bound to a family whom he hardly knows and who have never been particularly interested in him. He is soon faced with clan hostilities, threats of poisoning and exorbitant costs, sparking a journey of reflective self-discovery.DIR/PROD Kevin Merz; PROD Tiziana Soudani. Nigeria/Switzerland, 2008, color, 75 min. In English and German with subtitles. NOT RATED.

BLACK TO OUR ROOTS; Saturday, March 13, 2:45 PM
In Person: Director Ras Tre Subira. Tickets only $5!

This moving documentary from local filmmaker Ras Tre Subira focuses on Sylvia Dorsey, a 17-year-old girl who lives in the projects of Atlanta. Intelligent, curious and searching for something more than the violence that surrounds her, Sylvia makes a pilgrimage to Ghana in an effort to connect with her African heritage. DIR Ras Tre Subira; PROD Black Mission Media. US, 2006, color, 52 min. In English. NOT RATED.

ADERA; Saturday, March 13, 5 PM*; Sunday, March 14, 9:30 PM
*Following the screening, a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony will take place in the lobby, sponsored by Abol.

The heart-wrenching story of Marlan, a young woman who is an Ethiopian immigrant in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. She quickly discovers that Johannesburg is not the promised city of gold and struggles to provide for her children back home in Ethiopia. Through a series of twisted circumstances, she ends up as a surrogate mother for a wealthy Ethiopian couple, Tiru and Fre. Their fate is tied up with that of Biru, a shady middleman who is central to the story’s dramatic turns of love, deception and the human spirit to survive. (Note courtesy London African Film Festival). DIR/SCR Nega Tariku; SCR Alemayo Kifle & Getchew Tesfaye; PROD Pascal Schmitz. Ethiopia/South Africa, 2009, color, 107 min. In English and Amharic with English subtitles. NOT RATED.

FOOTBALL FABLES; Sunday, March 14, 2:45 PM
In Person: Director Baff Akoto. Tickets only $5!

African football has a higher profile and more global stars than at any other time in history. But what does it take to make the transition from rural African field to a top European football club? If he’s good enough, how does a young African come to the attention of Real Madrid or Manchester United? Football Fables, is a unique documentary – providing unprecedented insight into the inner workings of African football migration. This film unfolds through the eyes of Francis, a talented teenager on the brink of a dream transfer. His talent is undoubted, his desire immeasurable, but will that be enough to secure his future? DIR/SCR/PROD Baff Akoto. UK, 2009, color, 52 min. In English. NOT RATED.

IN MY GENES; Monday, March 15, 7 PM

What is it like to be “white” in a “black” society? Agnes, a woman with albinism, overcomes the difficulties of being born with no pigment in a society that discriminates against the condition. This documentary asks us to consider how it feels to be a member of one of the most hyper-visible and yet effectively invisible groups of people in a predominantly black society. DIR/PROD Lupita Nyong’o. Kenya, 2009, b&w, 77 min. In English. NOT RATED.

FROM A WHISPER; Monday, March 15, 8:45 PM

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the August 1998 terrorist bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, in which over 250 people died and more than 5,000 were injured, this film tells the story of an artist and an intelligence officer, and how they find unique ways to move on from the tragedy that shattered their lives. DIR/SCR Wanuri Kahiu; PROD Kuxi Gaih. Kenya, 2008, color, 79 min. In English. NOT RATED.

@ AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
8633 Colesville Rd. — Silver Spring Metro
Silver Spring, MD

All features $10; Shorts $5
To purchase tickets online go here.

Tickets reserved and purchased online must be retrieved in person at the AFI Silver box office. The same credit card used must be presented to the cashier to redeem your tickets.

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