Get Familiar…Again

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to see  and hear the incomparable Rachelle Ferrell in concert.  It was truly an experience. Even with a dynamic phrasing and impeccable musicianship, she knows how to have a good time, and might I add, be a little silly.  She continuously teased and laughed with (and at) her band of the evening. Playfully calling her pianist “Snacks” for always having snacks around. 🙂

I was most excited to hear that she was back in the studio after 10 years.  She stated that “life happened,” which kept her out of the studio for so long.  She vowed to release something this year.  She actually sang several new tunes.  Of all of her new songs, the stand-out was “Your A Good Man.”   It was simplistically beautiful, and phenomenally sang by Ms. Ferrell.

She ended the evening by singing “With Open Arms” and the highly anticipated “Nothing Has Ever Felt”.  She sang her and Will Downing’s part.  The crowd REALLY got into it. A man in the crowd began to sing with Ferrell.  She eventually had to come off the stage to put him on the mic.

I hope that we are blessed to hear new music from a legend in the making.

Here is her tribute to Bernie Mac at his funeral.  She was his favorite artist.

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