40 Days to Start a Habit

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten season in Western Christianity.   For 40 days, Christians are charged to pray and fast leading up to the commemoration and celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

During this time, many people decide to give up something…television, sugar, profanity, liquor, meat,  or even Facebook. (GASPS!)  Some give their time by volunteering or spending more time with loved ones.  Others might fast.  As great as this sounds, there are many people who find Lent to be a VERY daunting challenge. 

However, maybe we can look at Lent differently.  This is a grand opportunity to start a habit– a good one that is.  Instead of focusing on what you are giving up, let’s focus on what we are beginning. 

During Lent, we make a conscious choice to draw closer to God.  I learned that during this time, you should carve out time to devote towards God, be it praying, meditating, volunteering, etc.  So when you normally watch tv after work, instead volunteer to tutor a child or pass out food to the homeless.  When you are normally on twitter, read an inspirational book, call your parents or write in your journal.  These are all ways to bring God to the forefront of our lives which ultimately improves our lives and our communities. 

No one is perfect, so you might slip up from time to time.  It’s all about staying the course.

What habit do you plan to start?

For some added inspiration, check out this Lent calendar.

One comment

  1. I love your blog on Ash Wednesday! It’s all about growing in our relationship with Christ and also it is also not perfection but about dedication!

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