Something Stinks

A 20 point lead….$13 million war chest….  What’s going on Senator Bayh?  He says that the Congress isn’t operating as it should.  I actually think he might have a point there.  I mean, President Obama held up his end of the bargain, and the Democrats are in there.  Why aren’t you supporting President Obama?  Why can’t Democrats seem to come together to determine what they will accomplish collectively?  Voters are looking for some  more deliverables, and they are still waiting to see what Democrats are going to do.  Folks are getting impatient and very frustrated dealing with this recession, and waiting for some relief. 

However, that’s too easy of an out Senator Bayh.   As the old folks used to say, this is a set-up.  I don’t think we have seen the last of the Senator from Indiana.  And how “Mr. Executive-at-Heart” returns will reveal the whole story.  Regardless of what the Senator decides to do though, this just looks REALLY, REALLY bad for the Democrats. However, I am still rooting for President Obama. I am one of the few that wants President Obama to succeed.  Because when he succeeds, we ALL succeed.  So, the ball is still in your court Democrats.  What’s your next move?

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