MidWeek Mixx

Hey Good Folks!

We are playing catch up today!  I have three  joints for the Midweek Mixx to get you over that hump!


DJ Brainchild is “retiring” from DJ’ing for a while to focus on other things.  So as he is cleaning out his closet, he had a few mixes lying around.  It so happens one of the mixes involves Janet Jackson.  So in honor of  Janet Jackson‘s 46th birthday (May 16), he released “Black Doll: The Janet Jackson Mix”.  Click here to get your jam on!

Ahmed Sirour is receiving rave reviews for his “2AM Sessions LP”.  Ahmed initially released the alum as an EP, but he returns with some great new additions.   It is an instrumental, slow-tempo’d, 6-track EP utilizing 3 themes of Love: The Romantic, the Erotic, and the Spiritual.  You will not be disappointed.  Click here to enjoy!


DC artists, Dev Duff dropped his recent album “Hoodhyms, Hooks & Bars”.  The album is political, social and cultural.  Click here.

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