Music Monday

Can you tell who is ThatKellieGirl's mother? 🙂

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry I missed everyone on Freedom Friday.  However, I had some very important family  business.   It was our family reunion!  It was great to be back in the midwest…wraparound porches, large front yards, green pastures, cows, bails of hay, classic rock.  It was good to be home! 🙂   We took the opportunity to honor the elders in our family and remember family members who have passed as well as show love, support and encouragement towards each other.

Meanwhile across town, there was another celebration happening. Right off the heels of the Football Hall Fame Celebration, Canton’s native sons The O’Jays were in town all weekend.  The O’Jay’s Scholarship Foundation hosted their annual weekend celebration which helped raise funds for the foundation and provide financial assistance to traditional high school and college students as well as non-traditional, adult students.   This hometown girl left Canton proud with all the good things happening.

When I returned back to D.C., I relaxed for the evening to check out Sunday Best.  I am not sure if you are following the show, but there are some awesome singers competing this season.  I actually think the show is better than The Voice (IMHO).  However, what I truly love about this season is that competitors must sing songs from different genres.  Now you won’t hear any R. Kelly remixes, but the songs are inspirational, uplifting or dealing with love.  Anyone can sing, but I believe to have a true mastery of an art, one should be familiar with various musical styles and genres.

Last night, the three finalist were announced…Michael Pugh, Amber Helms and Amber Bullock.  I must admit, I am partial to Amber Bullock.  And you will see why with her jazzy rendition of “A City Called Heaven.”  It was flawless, heartfelt and beautiful.

To start off the week, tomorrow evening check out the soulful Tamika Love Jones at the Ben’s Next Door “live” sessions (1211 U St NW) at 9PM.

Also, don’t forget it’s  the 18th Annual DC Restaurant Week from August 15-21 where over 200 of D.C.’s finest restaurants offer multi-course meals prepared especially for this event.  Lunch is $20.11 per person and dinner is $35.11 per person

Happy Monday! 🙂

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