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ThatKellieGirl was in the house for the international debut of SUPAFRIK at GALLERY O on H in DC.  It was a beautiful evening and backdrop for this fabulous event.  The brainchild of Toronto fashion designer Chinedu Ukabam of the clothing label Chinedesign, SUPAFRIK is curated around the theme of “Urban Contemporary Africana” and showcases artwork and design that re-contextualize African aesthetics and traditions within a modern framework.

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Freedom Friday: The Champion Edition

Hey Good Folks.  Happy Friday! :-)

First off, congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the NBA Championship last night.  ThatKellieGirl admits to not watching the entire series.  And when I did, I actually was rooting for the Boston Celtics!   Even though ThatKellieGirl and LeBron hail from the same state, I’m really not a LeBron fan.  I admire him as a great player, but I just haven’t really followed him.  Well, not until he decided to leave Ohio for Miami.

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Music Monday

Hello Folks!

TGIM. :-)

I had a great (and busy) weekend….a recap is forthcoming. :-)   However, it ended on a bittersweet note because one of my oldest and dearest friends is leaving the country to pursue her purpose.  I am so happy and proud of her.  She has totally turned her life upside-down to do what makes her happy.  How many of us  are willing to make the necessarily (and usually) hard changes to live a happier and more fulfilled life?  And these changes do not always include a pay increase!  Yet, the trade-off is a happier, healthier and more purposeful YOU.  I know it is easier said than done, but I believe that when you make that leap of faith, the net will appear. 

Check out this groove from New Zealand artist, Kimbra.  It is a remix of her song “Settle Down”.  I also like the original version of the song.  And the video is great!  Check that out below too.  Kimbra definitely has some skills.  She even does a Nina Simone cover.   She recently set a new musical record with a collaboration that’s become the longest-running number one single in Australia for 14 years.  ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, by Melbourne singer-songwriter Gotye, featuring Kimbra, has been in the number one spot for six weeks.  Kimbra recently released  the album, “Vows.”  Listen to the album here.


Sending you peace, love and a wonderful week. :-)

Freedom Friday: The TGIF Edition

Hello Good People!

TGIF! :-)

See you on the other side of the weekend.  Be safe.

In the meantime, enjoy this uplifting song “Freedom to Love” from Incognito reworked by Reel People.



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Freedom Friday: The Friday the 13th Edition

Hello Good People!

I know today is Friday the 13th, but I am not too superstitious.  And I haven’t met a Friday I haven’t  liked.  :-) So make sure to enjoy this weekend—food and wine festivals are kicking off and Passport DC’s Embassy tours are on Saturday.  Enjoy! Peace and Blessings. :-)

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