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Freedom Friday

this week

Hello Good People.

This week has been the week for news…from the Voting Rights Act and DOMA to the Trayvon Martin Trial to Paula Deen.  America is going through some changes to say the least.  However, I believe each of these events have revealed our need for compassion each other.  And to get straight to the point, we need to think before we speak.   And I am not innocent.   I truly think that if we take one minute to think about what we’re about to  speak, text, post or email,  we might consider an edit or just need to delete it.   But ultimately, what you say speaks volumes about  you rather than the person or thing you are speaking about. #tbt  As the old folks used to say…if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself!

Hopefully, we can finish the week on a higher note.

The DC Black Theater Festival and the  Source Festival closes out this weekend as well as the The A T & T National Golf Tournament

Enjoy and be safe!

Peace and Blessings,

ThatKellieGirl :-)

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Freedom Friday: The Merry Christmas Edition


Merry Christmas Beautiful People! :-)

I know some people were waiting to see if the world was going to end, but it didn’t so ThatKellieGirl is very happy to get back to the holidays.

This weekend is the last opportunity to do your last-minute shopping. I will be picking up a small few items for the little kids, but that’s it. I don’t do well with the mayhem of Christmas shopping.  I usually stay far, far way from it. So I will be making an early morning run to avoid any foolishness. Other than that, this weekend is shaping up very nicely.  There are some great events to check out .

You can start with Amel Larrieux at that Howard Theater and Syleena Johnson at Blue’s Alley today (12/21).   And StepAfrika! closes out this weekend at the Atlas Performing Arts Theater.

Catch some other events below!

Peace and Blessings,

ThatKellieGirl :-)

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