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MidWeek Mixx

africa rising

ThatKellieGirl would’ve loved to travel to South Africa to attend the Africa Rising concert showcasing the music of South African DJ and producer, Black Coffee .  It was a historic day for house music and South African history– celebrating their progress and future at the Moses Mabhida stadium.  However, for those of us who couldn’t make the concert, we are in luck!  You can experience the whole event on the The Africa Rising DVD or  3 disc audio album.

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Freedom Friday: Living Beneath Your Means Edition

Hey Good People,

Happy Friday!

If you have been following the news, you have heard about the feud over the debt ceiling.  In order for the U.S. to meet all its obligations, entitlements, discretionary spending and everything else required to run our government, we need to borrow to stay afloat.  So if we don’t raise the debt ceiling, the government could default on its debt, which has never happened in U.S. history.  U.S. Treasury bonds are held around the world, so a U.S. default would create economic chaos.  This is pretty scary stuff folks (at least to me).  

I believe that unfortunately we have to raise the debt ceiling.  However, afterwards, we have to change our spending habits and focus on debt reduction. What a novel idea! 

Seriously, we all need to take personal inventory of our individual debt ceiling.  As I learned growing up (and still mastering), learn to live beneath your means.  So you might have to cut off that cable for a while and grab a book….hop on the bus or your bike to get around town….. cook dinner at home, then  eat those left-overs for lunch….instead of going out to dinner, have a cook-out in the park with friends.  Hmmm….Doesn’t sound too bad to me! :-)   

One way to save when hanging out is to check out the Fort DuPont Park Concerts .  It is a FREE event and kicks off this Saturday.  And if you have enough in your budget,  you can get a ticket for the Carter Barron’s Summer Concert Series.  It is still going strong with Lakeside, Brick and the BT Express on Saturday. 

Keep maintaining out there.  Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl :-)

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