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Celebrating 7 Years of Black President’s Day

ThatKellieGirl at the Black President’s Day 7 Year Celebration

ThatKellieGirl was on the scene for the Black President’s Day on Thursday.  This is one of my favorite annual events.  Produced by Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi, founder of Lil SoSo Production, Black President’s Day serves as the official DC tribute to Afrobeat creator Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

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Get Familiar

Gregory Porter and ThatKellieGirl

Hello Good Folks!

So for those of you who follow ThatKellieGirl, you know that last year I developed a HUGE musical crush on Gregory Porter.  So when I found out that he was performing at the Kennedy Center, I was ecstatic.  And  let me tell you his performance did not disappoint.

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Look At What You Missed

ThatKellieGirl at Africa Underground at the National Museum of African Art

Hey Good People! :-)

So the last two weekends have been fun-filled with art and culture.   This past Friday, I attended the third installment of Africa Underground.  I missed the first two installments, but this one did not disappoint.  There was food, music and dancing all night long.  I however was really excited about the fashion shows showcasing designers Korto Momolou (Project Runway Season 5) and Cote Minou who bring a modern, African aesthetic to fashion.  For more pictures of the show, click here and here.

Africa Underground: Fashions from Cote Minou

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Freedom Friday: The No Pictures Please Edition

Best picture I could get with my BB due to U Street Music Hall's "no photos" policy

Hey Good People!


ThatKellieGirl has been hitting the streets hard this week–from concerts to receptions to book signings.  Friday is becoming my day of rest for the week! :-)

And just for the record, U Street Music Hall has been killing me with their  “no photography” policy.  I was trying to get some pics of the Crossrhodes Reunion Show. This was the second time I went to an event there, and the bodyguard was on anyone with a camera  HARD about taking pictures.  At times,  I felt he was down right rude, but I guess it was a frustrating job.  And he wasn’t paid to be nice.  It was sort of funny though.  We saw the bodyguard lurking and peeping us from the corners, then from the stage, then BAM! he was in our faces.  It’s crazy!  For the record, you can take pics with your cell, but unless you are the official event photog, you gets no camera love.  I sneaked a few shots, but nothing worthy.  If I am able to find some pics, I will share them with you. :-)

Overall though, the show was great.  Incwell opened up the show.  I love this guy’s voice and he has some good lyrics.  And, his band was the truth…dj, horn section, congas, a fierce sista on the drums and good background singers.  They got a good synergy.  And the main event didn’t disappoint…great stage presence and audience interaction.  As much as I enjoyed hearing the old songs, I was more excited to hear that there will be new stuff on their upcoming “Don’t Bring Sand to the Beach”.  A shout out to the Urban Ave 31 fan group.  They represented hard!!!!

Here are some events for the weekend.

Sending love and blessings to everyone! :-)

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