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Celebrating 7 Years of Black President’s Day

ThatKellieGirl at the Black President’s Day 7 Year Celebration

ThatKellieGirl was on the scene for the Black President’s Day on Thursday.  This is one of my favorite annual events.  Produced by Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi, founder of Lil SoSo Production, Black President’s Day serves as the official DC tribute to Afrobeat creator Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

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ThatKellieGirl Talks About…Afrobeat

Good Morning Folks!

ThatKellieGirl is excited to release the next webisode.  This time, ThatKellieGirl is on the scene celebrating Lunchbox Theory’s 3 year anniversary of Afrobeat for your Soul!

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MidWeek Mixx

Good Morning Lovelies!

We are going to get you moving this morning with Lunchbox Theory’s latest mixx, Africa Go Slow by DJ UnderDog.  A DJ by night and a graphic designer by day, Underdog also creates awesome designs on flyers and album covers.

And this mixx is only a taste to get you ready for the main event.  Lunchbox Theory presents Afrobeat For Ya Soul celebrating its 3 Year Anniversary tomorrow (3/28)!  Long-standing resident DJ, Underdog will be cutting into the best Afrobeat and dance music in the city.  And downstairs Cheick Hamala will be belting out live tunes.  Come out for a great time!

Thursday, March 29

Bossa Lounge 2463 18th St NW in the heart of Adams Morgan

Doors 9:30PM

5 bucks to get in the door

As always, free face painting

Percussionist welcome!

Freedom Friday: The Earth Day Edition

Hello Good Folks!

Happy Earth Day! 

In honor of Earth Day, the Earth Day Network is campaigning towards “A Billion Acts of Green“.  Everyone is asked to do one green act to show their commitment to the earth.   It can be as simple as turning off the water while you brush your teeth to coordinating a community clean-up. 

I remember as a kid how I was so excited to participate in Earth Day.  In class, we talked about the importance of taking care of “Mother Earth” and we drew pictures of the earth and nature.  However, the experience that made the most impact on me as a kid was my girl scout troop being honored by our Mayor for picking up the most trash.  To this day, I do not litter and I hate to see trash on the ground especially in residential neighborhoods. 

Many of us as kids were more sensitive and caring of the world around us.  If it was a pet or being mesmerized by ladybugs and fireflies, we had a natural “soft-spot” for nature.  So where does it go afterwhile?  What makes us throw trash out the window or waste energy by leaving lights on throughout the house?  How do we return to that natural affinity to nature and the earth? 

One person that is out front making a difference in the environment is activist Majora Carter.  Here is a news segment about her.  She is inspiring and very creative when it comes to activism.

Peace and Blessings!

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Four More Days to Go!

The work day started out early for me today…5:30 in the morning early!  So it was a long day trying to organize, coordinate and get some work accomplished.  However, I found this little doozy to carry to the other side.

I hope you had a Happy Monday.  Enjoy!

Give it a minute to start.


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