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Freedom Friday: The Inauguration Edition aka National Day of Service


Hello Good People!

Happy New Year to each of you. ThatKellieGirl apologizes for being MIA, but I’ve been in #weddingworld! :-) Ever since January 1st, I have been in overdrive planning for my upcoming nuptials. I’ve had some challenges with vendors, deleting names off the guest list, and thinking about how much we are going to spend! But deep inside, I feel like everything is falling into place, and that it will be a life-changing event. And to see family and close friends step up to show their love and support has meant so much to me. Words can’t express the love and endearment I have for each of these folks. I am totally excited about this next phase in my life. :-)

So if you were like me, I was very disappointed about the Inauguration ticket snafu. I was ready to purchase my tickets on the designated release date. So I was dismayed that the tickets were released a day before. Even with an early release, I would purchased tickets if I wouldn’t have been on an airplane returning from Ohio!!! Then when I received an invitation to purchase parade tickets, originally sold for $25 now $250, that just added insult to injury. *smh* Even though ThatKellieGirl might not be at an official Inaugural Ball, there are still some great and affordable events in order to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. So check out these events below.

And for those who want to dress-up, star gaze or ball out, check out these lists of Inaugural Balls here and here and here.

And remember, in honor of MLK Day, sign-up for the National Day of Service. There are service events all weekend.

Peace, Love & Blessings, ThatKellieGirl :-)

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Freedom Friday: The Earth Day Edition

Hello Friends!  Happy Friday.

This weekend is shaping up rather nicely.  There will be beautiful weather and lots of fun things to do.  In the spirit of Earth Day, ThatKellieGirl will be volunteering at the White House Garden Tours.  I love flowers and the White House Kitchen Garden is a great model on how to and what to grow in your home garden.  Afterwards, I am attending a tea with my God Daughter and her Mother.  As you know, I always am excited to don a hat and a pair of gloves! :-)

There also are several festivals either kicking off or closing out this weekend.  Whatever you do don’t miss them.

Starting us off is The Water Street Project which is an 11 day-long  temporary arts exhibition in a vacant building underneath Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown.  The project’s grand opening is tonight at 8PM.

The U.S. National Parks Service celebrates National Park Week with activities and promoting people to visit their local national park.

Activist Van Jones will discuss and sign his new book, Rebuild the Dream at Busboys and Poets (14th & V Sts NW) at 6:30PM.

The Earth Day Rally will take place on the National Mall as well as a “Float In” with Ralph Nader marking the 40th anniversary of The Clean Water Act and to say no to dirty, polluted water.  Here is a list of Earth Day activities and events in the area.

And Filmfest DC is closing out this weekend, so try to find time to see some provocative, exciting, and often brave stories from varying perspectives and showcasing important voices.

Whatever you do, stay safe, have fun and keep the faith. :-)

Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl

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Freedom Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!  I pray your day will be great today and an even better weekend. :-)
Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl 
The National Gallery of Art ice-skating rink in the Sculpture Garden opens this weekend and remains open through mid-March, weather permitting. The ice rink, a popular recreational destination in Washington, attracts approximately 50,000 visitors each season.
Saturday, November 19
Sculpture Garden
7th St. and Constitution Ave. NW
Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
7 bucks

Freedom Friday: The Boo Bash Edition

Hello Trick or Treaters,

Do you want to have a good time this weekend? 

Then I suggest you come out to The Boo Bash Costume Party this Saturday.  And your first drink is on us!  There will be food, dancing and prizes for best male, female, couple and overall costumes.   We have put in a lot of time and hard work to bring you a great event.  However, I am most excited about raising money for the Words, Beats and Life Scholarship Fund to be awarded to graduating seniors who will attend college.   So I truly hope you can join us.

There are a  lot of events going on this weekend, so please be safe.  If you need to get home, take metro or click here for a FREE RIDE HOME.

Peace, ThatKellieGirl

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Freedom Friday: The Earth Day Edition

Hello Good Folks!

Happy Earth Day! 

In honor of Earth Day, the Earth Day Network is campaigning towards “A Billion Acts of Green“.  Everyone is asked to do one green act to show their commitment to the earth.   It can be as simple as turning off the water while you brush your teeth to coordinating a community clean-up. 

I remember as a kid how I was so excited to participate in Earth Day.  In class, we talked about the importance of taking care of “Mother Earth” and we drew pictures of the earth and nature.  However, the experience that made the most impact on me as a kid was my girl scout troop being honored by our Mayor for picking up the most trash.  To this day, I do not litter and I hate to see trash on the ground especially in residential neighborhoods. 

Many of us as kids were more sensitive and caring of the world around us.  If it was a pet or being mesmerized by ladybugs and fireflies, we had a natural “soft-spot” for nature.  So where does it go afterwhile?  What makes us throw trash out the window or waste energy by leaving lights on throughout the house?  How do we return to that natural affinity to nature and the earth? 

One person that is out front making a difference in the environment is activist Majora Carter.  Here is a news segment about her.  She is inspiring and very creative when it comes to activism.

Peace and Blessings!

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Freedom Friday: Emancipation Day Edition

Celebrate our rich heritage, Celebrate Emancipation Day (Courtesy of

Hello Good People,

April showers bring May flowers!  Remember that? :-)

I hope everyone had a good week, and I know you are ready for the weekend.

In honor of the of the emancipation of slaves of African origin, Emancipation Day is tomorrow (4/16).  Check here and here for Emancipation Day events. Take this opportunity to pass on our rich history to young people.

Filmfest DC ends this weekend.  I checked out a movie last Sunday called Transfer.  I love sci-fi so I was quite excited to view this movie.  It was about  a rich old couple from Germany who decides to buy the bodies of two black Africans.  The German couple regain their youth while the Africans ensures that their families get money. However, four hours every night, the Africans regain control over their bodies.  After a while, the African hosts and the German guests begin to communicate with each other.  As the story progresses, the “Transfer” isn’t as simple as advertised.  Sci-fi Blogger, Martin Wikner  reviews Transfer as revealing “the relation between the rich and the poor in the world. In this movie we see how Europeans exploit Africans to the degree that “we” take over their bodies. This makes it sci-fi, but is a good metaphor for how we make others give up their life for our well-being, without really knowing or considering the costs. The African couple do sign their contracts by free will, but the question is how free the choice really is.”  A stand-out performance from actor BJ Britt.  

The Annual Servathon event sponsored by Greater DC Cares is tomorrow (4/16).  It is a great opportunity to give back to the community.  It’s not too late to sign up.

Enjoy your weekend!

Peace and Blessings. :-)

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Freedom Friday: April Fool’s Edition

Hello Good Folks!

This weekend is bananas!  There is almost too much going on.  The Boo always tells me I can’t attend everything.  Decisions, decisions! 

One option is some old school music.  You can check out Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly tonight at Constitution Hall.  I love me some Frankie! :-) When you go to their concerts,  all age groups are represented.  In my college days, you knew the party had ended when you heard  “Before I Let Go“.  I am actually curious how that tradition started.  I can ‘t believe that this group has yet to be honored, but they are still selling out venues and keeping the crowd moving.

This Saturday, there are a couple of community events taking place. 

The 32nd Annual MLK Parade kicks off at noon at  Ballou Senior High School  and ends at the corner of Good Hope Road and MLK Jr. Avenue, S.E.

Also in honor of MLK and National Poetry Month, The Publick Playhouse is hosting a free,  poetry event which captures the essence of the 1960’s era protests and sit-ins through which Dr. King’s message of non-violence and civic engagement was often presented.  A great event for the whole family.

The Great Day of Service organized by the North Columbia Heights Civic Association is an event promoting volunteerism in the community.  There will be a community clean-up as well as service fair to learn where you can get involved.  Local bands also will be performing.  

Lastly, Cherry Blast III is popping off Saturday night.   Back for the third year, and always a sell-out, be sure to purchase your tickets in advance for this multi-media Festival party with cutting-edge DJs, visual and performance artists, and ever-cool sensory experiences.

Check out some other ThatKellieGirl approved events!


In coordination with the National Museum of American History, Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) 2011 – the 10th Anniversary – examines the legacies of jazz women, and their advocates, who helped transform race, gender and social relations in the U.S. in the quest to build a more just and equitable nation.

Month of April

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

1400 Constitution Ave NW

Click here for the schedule.

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