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Freedom Friday


The civil rights leader Martin Luther KI

Hello Beautiful People!

Are you ready to make history, again?

This Saturday, August 24, the 50th Anniversary on the March on Washington will be honored and celebrated with a commemorative march and rally along the historic 1963 route.

Before the march, a rally will be held at the Lincoln Memorial from 8 a.m. to 12:30PM including speakers and entertainment. Step-off for the march begins at 1PM. The march route begins at the Lincoln Memorial, proceeds south to travel along Independence Avenue, with a stop at the Martin Luther King Memorial and then proceeding on to the Washington Monument.

Following the march, attendees can head to the Global Freedom Festival kicking off today on the National Mall. The festival will include four days of education, entertainment and activities that focus on advancing freedom throughout the world.

Before the march, a DC Statehood Rally and March also will take place at the DC War Memorial, 900 Independence Avenue, SW at 8:30AM. Rally participants will attend a short program before marching as a group to the Lincoln Memorial for the national program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.

I hope that the march will inspire many attendees to get active in their community. For me, there is still hope that we can change our communities for the better. You don’t have to march or rally, but you do have to commit to a cause. Now honestly, all this is easier said than done. And I am not sure what will motivate people to volunteer, lobby, or give to a person in need. For me, I just think about the countless people who poured into my life through their words, time and knowledge, and my gratitude compels me to pay it forward. I actually believe that if more of us took the time to appreciate and give thanks, we wouldn’t take so many things for granted and would be more willing to lend a helping hand. There but for the grace of God go I.

As the summer comes to an end, there are some good shows and events worth checking out. Check for more info after the jump.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl :-)

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Freedom Friday

Hello Good Folks!

To tell the truth, ThatKellieGirl has been in a funk!  And I really wasn’t able to come out of if until I began to listen to the words I was speaking to myself.  I realized that I was in a funk because I was speaking negatively about my circumstance.  For instance, the statement of “No one respects what I do” began to manifest.  I planted those seeds and kept nurturing them with my words.  And ultimately, no one respected what I was doing (in my reality).  The simple, yet POWERFUL act of speaking life to yourself and to others can really change your attitude and ultimately your situation.  However, this change of action only occurs when you “let it go”. 

When we usually get into these funks, I find it is because we have been offended, looked over, ignored, addressed inappropriately, etc…  Basically, we’ve been hurt.  When this happens, I believe we have too personally attached ourselves to a thing or a situation.  By attaching ourselves, we have based our value on something external… our job, friends, family, appearance or anything.  Therefore, our happiness,  joy and success is based upon the ebbs and flows of life.  So when times are good, we feel good– and when times are bad we feel bad.  I believe this is harmful to our spiritual and mental  health because we are neglecting the inner person.  So as long as you are making a six figure salary, you are considered successful and happy.  However, in reality, you have low self-esteem and crave constant validation.  On the flip side, you have lost your job, so you begin to feel that you are less than others and something is wrong with you.  By “beginning within”, we begin to acknowledge any past hurt or pain we are holding onto, so we can begin to heal.  Ultimately, each of us should find out how to be happy from the inside, out. 

In life, we are going to go through some changes.  It is inevitable.  So, it’s not about the good and the bad times.  It’s about our response to those moments.  For that is how we develop habits, behaviors and character as a person.  Therefore, I have vowed to first, always speak life over my life and others.  Second, place my value in my spiritual, mental and physical well-being.  And lastly, if in the process, someone or something hurts my feelings, let it go (9 times out of ten, it actually doesn’t have anything to do with you) so I can move forward.      

This Saturday, catch Rahsaan Patterson, Kindred and Black Alley at Fillmore and the other great events below. 

Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl :-)

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The Beautiful Dreamer

 Tonight come out to support the Beautiful Dreamer, Carolyn Malachi as she raises school fees for secondary students in 13 developing countries through her “I AM” campaign.  The Grammy nominated singer announced the campaign along with the release of her new single, “Free Your Mind” to garner support.  Carolyn didn’t want to wait for someone else to make a difference when she could do it herself.  And you shouldn’t wait either!  Join Carolyn and other artists tonight in this worthy cause to help our youth.  Learn more here at The School Fund.  And check out her single “Free Your Mind”! 

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Freedom Friday: The Juneteenth aka ThatKellieGirl’s Birthday Edition

Hey Good People!

If you haven’t figured it out, ThatKellieGirl’s Birthday is the weekend– specifically on Saturday.  And as I get older, I find that I am enjoying this journey more and more.  Each year, I feel more confident, joyous and passionate for living on purpose. It is an empowering and liberating thing when you know who you are and begin to live life on your terms.  Quite honestly, this blog has been a part of my process.  And I thank you for tuning in to this journey.  By sharing my thoughts, experiences, music and pictures, I hope to offer some inspiration to live life to the fullest everyday.  I want people to realize that it’s all about constantly shifting the scale between working and living.   We have to rearrange, add, subtract and multiply certain actions, people and things to ensure we are growing and becoming the person we were meant to be.  And celebrating my birthday affirms that I am on the right path.

Enjoy this glorious weekend.  I sure am! :-)

And shout out to my beautiful younger sister celebrating her birthday today!

P.S.  This is an abbreviated listing (hey it’s my birthday weekend! :-) ), but I will be posting events on my Facebook page.  So please check there for more weekend happenings.

Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl

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Distinguished Service Awards

r.e.e.l.'s Distinguished Service Awards Honorees

River East Emerging Leaders (r.e.e.l.), a community organization that  empowers and develops leaders East of the River, hosted their annual holiday party last week.  During the event, r.e.e.l. recognized community leaders who serve the East of the River community through the Distinguished Service Awards.  NBC4′s Tracee Wilkins, an East of the River resident, hosted the awards ceremony.
To my surprise, ThatKellieGirl received the Board of Directors Award for work as a member of re.e.l. and chair of the Leadership and Engagement Committee (LEC).  The LEC is responsible for promoting volunteerism and leadership development  programs and events.  Throughout the year, the LEC has coordinated East of the River community service projects and leadership workshops.  However, our proudest moment was the development and implementation of the East of the River Career Exposure Camp, which exposed East of the River youth to professions in the fields of science and math.  The LEC works to build partnerships with already established community groups to engage and build capacity as well as serve the community.
However, there are other individuals who have worked East of the River for decades.  With slashed budgets and at times lack of volunteers, they continue to labor to make a difference in people’s lives. And through r.e.e.l., I have had the honor to work with some of them.

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Freedom Friday: The Fall Festival Edition

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday!

Fall is starting off great!  There are a lot of art and cultural festivals going on this weekend you should check out.  On Saturday, there is the Taste of Bethesda , Fall for Fairfax Festival, and on Sunday, the Turkish Festival and the Russian Bazaar.  The Maryland Renaissance Festival is going on until October 23.  Also, there are two Andy Warhol exhibits in DC.  Check out some more events below!

Peace, ThatKellieGirl

Truckeroo is a monthly festival held June thru October at the corner of showcasing food trucks from the DMV.

Saturday, September 30

Half St. and M St., SE (across from the Navy Yard)


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Music Monday

Hello Good People!

TGIM! :-)

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and you are ready for the week.  

The anticipation is mounting for the formal dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  However, the memorial is open TODAY (8/22)!  This is truly a historic and major moment.  Quite honestly, to have the first Black President elected in my lifetime, AND NOW the first national monument honoring an African-American can bring tears to my eyes…seriously.  I am looking forward to the celebrations and dedication on Sunday (8/28).  And you know ThatKellieGirl is going to be there! :-) 

Click here  and here for a full list of commemorative events.

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