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What is “ThatKellieGirl” about?

Loving Life

Life should be lived abundantly and to the fullest.  However, we allow life to just happen.  Before we know it, life has just passed by us.  We are a year older, and we haven’t had new discoveries or new exploits.  Everyday, we have to make a conscious effort to break out of the ordinary.  Even when you work-out, once you have established the discipline to exercise routinely, you have to change the pace to begin to truly reap the benefits.  That’s how I try to approach life.  If I like a song, a designer, an activity or  artist, I use it as only a jump off point to a larger body of work.  Step out of the box!  Get out of that comfort zone! Strike up a conversation with a stranger while you are waiting for your table at a restaurant.  Or plan to cook a new recipe.   This makes life more interesting!

Connecting People, Places, Things & Ideas

Life is also about shared experiences and  interacting with people.  My life has a cast of characters that makes my life so much richer and enjoyable.  Friendships can be so much more rewarding when we get out of the house, and explore the world together.  Too many times I have heard people say “I have never been to Eastern Market”, and they have lived in the area for over 10 years or have lived here all their lives.  Life is so much more fun and fulfilling when we are open to meeting and doing new and different things.  So take those friends you’ve known for 20 years, and go salsa dancing or bellying dancing or camping or even sky diving!  It will only make those friendships deeper and stronger.


People are always saying to me, Kellie you are always on the go, or I wish I would have known about that.  Well, this blog let’s you know what’s going on outside of the ordinary.  More importantly, I hope that this blog introduces someone to a new artist, a new event or a new perspective.  Something might peak your interest, and you have a new favorite hobby, new favorite artist or new favorite restaurant.  Ultimately, I hope to see you out there living life on purpose. Blessings!

If you know of a new artist, song, book, restaurant or chill spot…

If you have an event…social, spiritual,community-oriented,  physical fitness, political, cultural or off the beaten path…

Let ThatKellieGirl know at 
  I might even make a special appearance! :-)

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  1. impressive!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! This is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job – KellieGirl!

  3. That Kellie Girl Blog is all that… Continue to share that light….

  4. Keep shining your light Kellie. The blog is lookin’ dope!

  5. Keep role da World Gal.


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