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Freedom Friday

Hello Good People,

TGIF! :-)

Some of you have wondered why ThatKellieGirl hasn’t been on the scene this week.  Well, I’ve been preparing to travel to Africa, specifically Nigeria, for my job.  So in a couple of hours, I”ll head across the Atlantic Ocean to the Motherland. :-)  I don’t think it will really hit me until I am sitting in the airplane.

I’ve always wanted to visit Africa, I just never knew when and how.  If anything, I am excited to have every thought and pre-conceived notion about Nigeria turned on its head.  As my fiancé said to me, now you will know it for yourself.  You will have your own story.  So when I return, I’ll be very excited to share my story with you.  This trip is really more about business than pleasure, but regardless, ThatKellieGirl will still be in the house!  I hope they are ready. :-)

More than anything I am very grateful and open to having this experience.  So for October, ThatKellieGirl will be on a brief hiatus, but I will return.   In the meantime, please send up some prayers and love for me as I travel home.

Peace and Blessings,

ThatKellieGirl :-)

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  1. So exciting! Praying for a safe trip and lasting memories!

  2. Prayers, & traveling mercy are with you.


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